Connecting TouchCab

Connecting TouchCab to your model railroad is easy. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be ready to run trains in no time.

ECoS family

  1. Connect your command station (*) by ethernet to a wireless access point.
    This could well be the same access point you use for your household.
  2. Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your wireless access point.
  3. Launch TouchCab and enter your command station’s IP address.
  4. You’re ready to go.

(*) Supported command stations are:

ECoS (50000) from ESU
ECoS 2 (50200) from ESU
Central Station 1 (60212) from Märklin
Central Station Reloaded (60212 v3)

Lenz / XpressNet

  1. Connect the 23151 LAN port to the wireless router with an ethernet cable
  2. Connect the 23151 to the XpressNet port of the command station (**)
  3. Launch TouchCab
  4. You’re ready to go.

If TouchCab does not connect to the Lenz system by itself, please see the troubleshooting page.

(**) Only Lenz command stations with v3.6 software.