TouchCab is closed


As of December 30th, 2015, TouchCab is closed as a business.

Will my apps still work?

Even though the apps disappear from the App Store, your apps will continue to work as long as Apple does not change anything vital in iOS and ESU and/or Lenz do not change anything vital in their systems.

If you already bought the apps, you should even be able to download them again from the App Store. You know - in case you have to restore your device for whatever reason. In other words, as far as I can tell, the apps stay in the background of the App Store, they are just not available for new purchases.

Is there a future for TouchCab?

Probably not.

However, I still have an iPhone, an iPad and a Mac, and I still have a model railroad that I need to operate. I also still have dreams about what I’d like to do with the app.
So who knows? I’m keeping the code and the TouchCab name and I’ll hold on to the domain for a while and see what happens.
I’ll also keep the support email address open in case you need to contact me about anything. Just don’t expect me to change the code for fixes.

Once again I would like to thank each one of my users for your support and encouragement during the last six years.
It has been a great ride, but it would not have been possible - and not half the fun - without you.

Maybe we’ll meet again, but until then …

Vaya con Dios